Friday, February 14, 2014

This week on Marlborough 2.14

A few highlights of the week...
  • I finally went to the new Shake Shack in Harvard Square and it was everything I had dreamed about and more.
  • I followed Lord Aires on Instagram. You should too.
  • The DIY pennant banner that I made for our mantle for Valentine's Day makes me smile.
  • Josh and I both got haircuts this past Sunday for the first time in Boston. It just needed to be done on both of our ends and we couldn't wait until we could visit our normal hairdressers on the Northshore or in VT. Anyway, mine went well and josh's went...not so well. My mouth actually dropped when we met up after - I couldn't believe he had paid money for that let alone walked out of the salon without saying something. Typical guy for you. To his defense, he was going contact-less for the day so he had blindness on his side, but when we got home and he got a good look at it (think buzz cut on the bottom and faux hawk/bowl cut on the top) we both agreed he couldn't walk into work on Monday looking like that and the only rational course of action would be for me to try and fix it. So I executed my first male haircut. And you can be the judge when you see him next, but it actually looks pretty good if I do say so myself, especially given the fact that I was working with regular craft scissors...
  • Josh and I just finished (and became obsessed) with the first season of House of Cards just in time for the second season to air. TONIGHT.
  • All the snow in Boston. It's (and makes Mac so happy)
  • This photo of my little brother, Dad, and my grandpa Bach, whom we loved dearly and has had all of my heart this week.

And a few fun things from around the web...
  • This amazing (but fake) Audi ad is just too perfect.
  • This Valentine's Day stunt by the Flower Council of Holland. We should always be prepared for love emergencies.
  • I just started following this blog and instantly fell in love with the beautiful photography, recipes, and peek into life in the French countryside.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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