Thursday, February 6, 2014

3 Easy DIY Valentine's Gifts

I've never been much of a believer in Valentine's Day. But putting my thoughts on all the commercialization and enormous amount of pressure it entails aside, I do think that life can be hectic and we don't always reflect on how grateful we are for the one we love or take enough time to celebrate it.Valentine's Day is a good excuse for that. This is especially true for me this year, being that it's the first post-college Valentine's Day that josh and I have ever been able to spend it together. It will be nice to be able to enjoy josh's company without the help of Skype, but other than that at the end of VDay I won't feel any luckier to be together than I do every other day of the year. If anything, Valentine's Day should remind us that we should say "I love you" everyday to those we love, friends and family included, and not just through flowers and chocolate on a sanctioned holiday. Love is awesome and should really be celebrated without the help of a predetermined date on the calendar.

But you know what day I really do love? February 15th. Because that's the day all those stupid chocolates go on sale for half off. :)

This year I decided to make some DIY gifts (created almost solely with Sharpies) and not feed into the estimated $37 billion that American's will be spending (or be one of the 6 million couples getting engaged!!) this year on February 14th. Josh and I are actually going to head up to Vermont to go skiing for the weekend, and having a companion for that winter drive for the first year since college is the best VDay gift I could ask for.

1. Piggy Bank
This admittedly may be a gift for both of us. Josh is so . bad . with . change. I don't know if it's just a guy thing (my Dad is even worse), but I'm a little tired of finding random piles of change all over the house. So I took a plain white piggybank ($1.99 at Michaels), covered it with the same spray paint I used for our bookends, and then used gold Sharpie to accent the pig's face and write a bold "Feed Me" reminder on his side. And now thankfully Mr. Pig (and josh's change) have found a new home on our bookshelf.

2. Love Bowls
My aunt Amanda gave me the cutest little bowls for Christmas to do a DIY project with, and I finally put them to good use! All you need for this is white porcelain bowls (or plates, cups, mugs etc.) and oil based Sharpie's. Then just draw, let dry, and bake them in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes to set them. I played off some sappy phrases and did "I'm nuts about you" for nuts, "Spread the love" for spreads, and "I'd pick you any day" for berries. I also like these similar ideas for DIY His + Her Mugs, this heart bowl idea, these Good Morning mugs, and these heart doodle bowls if you have questionable handwriting like me.

3. Custom Frame
Nothing says "I love being with you" like a framed photo of a happy time, especially a handmade one. All you need for this is an unfinished wood frame ($.99 at Michaels) and Sharpies. I used black and gold to create an alternating triangle pattern with a ruler.

Looking for more easy DIY gift ideas for your Valentine that aren't over the top? How about a custom beer case, rustic initial coasters, DIY heart bath bombs, these cute DIY candy heart pinatas, or these funny Valentine's planters?

Happy Vday all! ;)

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