Tuesday, January 14, 2014

DIY Animal Bookends

Elephants never forget. So who better than some elephants to help me remember by New Year's resolution to read more? No but seriously, I saw these little guys at Michael's this past weekend and had no idea what I would do with them, but really just couldn't resist bringing them home. Here's how they transformed into my favorite new bookends to support my growing collection!

What you need:
- Wood blocks (I used 2x4 scraps from our bar)
- Animals (I chose elephants, $4/each at Michaels)
- Spray Paint (I chose mint, obviously)
- Sharpie or paint (I chose gold)
- Wood plaques (optional, they sell all different shapes for 50 cents at Michaels)
- Tools: glue gun, hammer & nails

Total cost for the project: ~ $12
^ Mac was a fan of these guys too

Step 1: Mark where your animal's feet will go and then nail your wood plaque to your wood block to give it some detail. It's OK if they aren't really the same size. Mine weren't and I think it just adds to the character! If it's an option, be sure to drill a hole for the nail before hammering them together. We neglected to do that for our first bookend and the wood plaque cracked (see below). I guess that's what you can expect from a 50 cent piece of wood from Michael's though, right? I'm telling myself that adds more character, too.
 Step 2: Use a glue gun to adhere the animal figurine to the wood base, using the animals feet to cover the nail holes. Let dry.

Step 3: Spray! Luckily the warm Boston weather on Sunday allowed us to spend some time outside on our back patio spraying these. Funny story - Josh and I actually locked ourselves out while doing this with no keys, phones, or the best part...shoes. Luckily by the time we had run around to the front of our apartment barefoot, our upstairs neighbors (who have a key) were just getting home! Even luckier was that Mac had not devoured the food we had just made by the time we got back inside.
^ Josh's crazy puzzling going on in the background

Step 4: Embellish. I used a gold Sharpie to accent the elephant's tusks and add some detailing to the base. You could have way more fun with this step if you wanted to!
Step 5: Add books! Create a fun focal point while holding your favorite books together.
^ Tested out a crazy cat lady arrangement but then went with my fave coffee table books
I love how they turned out and they are actually surprisingly strong! So bring it on, books. 

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