Monday, January 20, 2014

3 New Home Additions

A few new additions to Marlborough that I love so much I had to share.

1. Paper Mache Giraffe
I had been eyeing this little guy ever since Wayfair acquired DwellStudio back in August, and it was actually my first purchase for our new place when I moved in September. With all the moving and decorating I actually completely forgot about it, so I was too excited to care when it finally came last week after being back-ordered for months. The paper mache animals in this collection are handmade in Haiti from French book pages as part of a collaboration with a non-profit. And this weekend I finally welcomed our Haitian giraffe home and hung him in our office, I'm so glad he's finally here!

2. Firefly String Lights 
Our bedroom is by far the coldest room in our home, so if we can add things to make it feel a little bit warmer, then we're on board (we also plastic wrapped our window this weekend and are in the process of shopping for a cozy rug). You can't tell from the photos, but these copper wire lights are actually super bright and really flexible so they are easy to hang. Now we can lie in bed at night and at least pretend it's a hot summer night under the stars.

3. Eames Rocking Chair 
I've been loving the clean lines and simple look of mid-century modern furniture lately, and have especially had my eye on chairs from Herman Miller's Eames collection. I'd happily surround our whole dining room table with these ones or these ones or all these ones if I could. Herman Miller is just one of those manufacturers who's designs were cool in the 1950s and are still cool now and will be still be cool for the rest of your life. Their pieces are timeless and amazing, but their high price point kept my obsession at bay.

UNTIL NOW. When I was browsing Ebay for a cheap chair for our living room and came across an Eames rocker reproduction for only $90. We've needed another chair for our living room for a while - you can fit 4 people comfortably on our couch but once we have 5 (which seems to be often), it starts to get awkward. So I was able to solve this problem and feed my obsession without completely breaking the bank. I've started my Eames collection (sort of) and the rocker is officially my new favorite chair (or Mac's new favorite bed) depending on who you ask. One day maybe I'll splurge and get something real, but for the time being I'm OK with our lookalike.
 ^ Eames Rocking Chair (real), $500
Ebay Eames Reproduction, less than $100


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