Thursday, December 5, 2013

2 Gold DIY Gift Ideas

^ Inspiration from Pinterest

Ok so I've been a little obsessed with spray paint lately. It's thrilling! The only thing is that it really needs to be done outside due to the fumes, so josh and I went a little DIY/spray paint crazy a couple weekends ago while it was still warm enough. Sadly, I think it was our last spray of the we made the most of it and made some DIY Christmas gifts. Here are two!

DIY Gold Vases
There's always that hostess on your Christmas list that you give flowers or wine to. So why not spice it up and give them flowers in a homemade vase instead? There's really nothing that brightens up a home like flowers. We actually didn't have a single regular vase before this project, so I'll definitely be gifting a couple of these to myself. :)

Here's what you need!
- Plain glass vases ($2.99 at Michaels)
- Gold spray paint
- Painters tape

Step 1: Apply painter's tape to the vases in your desired pattern. Make sure to smooth out the edges so none of the spray paint can sneak through.
Step 2: Spray! We chose gold but these would also look really cool in silver or red for the holidays.
Step 3: Let dry and remove tape.
Step 4: Add some fun flowers! We added some faux pussy willows to the taller vase and some pretty pink ones to the smaller ones.
^perfect welcoming touch for holiday guests!

DIY Polka Dot Christmas Tree Dishes
These make for a really cheery & festive Christmas gift (without being over the top) and can serve so many purposes. So far, josh and I have used one as a nut dish, ring holder, dish by the stove, and for soap. I love how cute they turned out! Plus they are a constant reminder that December is going to fly by and we need to be doing things like listening to Christmas music, hanging lights and getting our real tree!

Here's what you need:
- Ceramic bowls in a seasonal shape ($1.29 at Michaels)
- Gold spray paint
- Painters tape
- Pack of sticky floor protectors

Step 1: Add painters tape around the sides of the dishes. Remember that wherever you put the tape is the only part that will stay white!

Step 2: Add floor protectors to bowls in desired polka dot pattern. We chose these instead of regular stickers because they are much easier to peel off.
Step 3: Spray!!!!
Step 4: Peel off tape and remove floor protectors.
Step 5: Give as a gift or use around your home!

^ Mac was very interested in this one ;)


  1. These ideas are wonderful for everyone and it can save a lot of money too. Thanks for making our lives easy and so convenient. Best wishes

  2. To be very honest, I think gifting people vases and flowers are extremely cliché. But it’s a good idea none the less. And they look pretty good too!

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