Thursday, December 19, 2013

2 Chalkboard Paint Crafts

Chalk is the bomb. I'd have a whole chalkboard wall in my home if I could! I love having the ability to use and reuse a surface so many times and in so many different ways. I bought a tiny tube of craft chalkboard paint a few weeks ago and have already had so many ideas as to how to use it. Most of them have come from this article I saw about 33 things you can turn into a chalkboard. Such cute ideas! Next up is definitely #17, the chalkboard wine glasses. I always manage to loose my glass when I have people over. Well no more.

Here are a couple DIY chalkboard projects I've tried that are perfect to use in your home when guests are over or to give as holiday gifts!
^ Inspiration photo credit 
1. DIY Rustic Chalkboards
I love this idea that I saw back in the fall on our Wayfair blog. This is a perfect fall/winter chalkboard for serving drinks, dishes, a full menu, or just to use at a birthday party like we did!

What you need: wood slab, chalkboard paint, foam brush
Steps: Cover the face of the wood slab with the paint (I did 3 coats). Let dry and use!
^ josh's famous banana bread. Nom
^ Maria's 25th!

^more ideas from Brooklyn Limestone

2. DIY Chalkboard Cheese Trays
These are awesome for when you are serving multiple types of cheese (like I always am). The smaller version also makes for a perfect little gift.

What you need: Cheese board or cutting board, chalkboard paint, painter's tape, foam brush
Steps: Outline the area you'd line to paint with the painter's tape (I opted for a banner shape). Then just paint, let dry, peel the tape off, and write!
Loving chalkboards as much as I am? Check out this amazing Pinterest board I got lost in for a solid hour (maybe two) or these other chalkboard paint ideas from HGTV.

Happy chalking!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

5 Natural Holiday Home Decor Updates

Christmas is Josh and my absolute favorite holiday (Mac is partial to Thanksgiving because there's more food). Not to mention it's the first holiday season where we've all been in the same state. So of course, we're loving spending this time together and make memories in our Boston home.

When it came to decorating, the problem was that we had virtually NO holiday decor aside from a couple ornaments that josh's mom has given me over the years. The other problem? I hate red, which by default is the color most Christmas decorations come in. Luckily this year I've been pretty inspired by the more natural & rustic holiday decor ideas I've been seeing online and in store windows lately and we were able to make our home feel a bit more wintery and Christmasy without going over-the-top. Don't get me wrong, I love a good inflatable yard snowman and light-up rooftop Santa, but it just wasn't in the cards this year. :)

Here are 5 easy ways to give your home a festive and natural look for the holidays...on a budget!

1. Paper Ornaments
I've been seeing these everywhere this year and they are so cute! We really did try to make some ourselves, but turns out we just aren't cut out for origami. I can't wait until I have a whole box of sentimental ornaments acquired over time but for now, we're making memories with these paper ones.
(Crate & Barrel, $3.71)
2. Pine cones
Grab some from the great outdoors! We gave ours a frosted look with some white paint and added a faux branch of pine to spruce up our mantel. They are also incorporated into the beautiful gold & green front door wreath our upstairs neighbors brought us last week. Nothing says winter in New England like pine cones.
3. DIY Rope Votives
I made these last week and love how they came out! They are really easy but pretty time consuming, so are a perfect distraction if you are not super engaged in Monday night football like me. :) All you need is rope, a glue gun, and a couple plain glass votives. To make them, start at the bottom and wrap the rope tightly around the votive, doing a dab of hot glue every few inches. Then just add a candle and you've some pretty dreamy lighting for your next dinner at home.
(Votive: Michaels, $3, Rope: Lowes, $4.99)
4. Burlap & Birch
I love the natural/rustic look of both of these. We added a burlap runner to our table and some birch rounds to the base of our votives. This makes for a festive & wintery tablescape that can remain on your table well beyond the holidays.
(Sheet of burlap: Michaels, $2.99, Birch rounds: Michaels, $1.29 each)
5. Animals!
Because there needs to be at least one moose or reindeer in every home for the holidays. Penguins and polar bears are acceptable too.
(Glitter animal ornaments: Crate & Barrel, $5.21)
It really is the most wonderful time of the year. Happy holidays!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

2 Gold DIY Gift Ideas

^ Inspiration from Pinterest

Ok so I've been a little obsessed with spray paint lately. It's thrilling! The only thing is that it really needs to be done outside due to the fumes, so josh and I went a little DIY/spray paint crazy a couple weekends ago while it was still warm enough. Sadly, I think it was our last spray of the we made the most of it and made some DIY Christmas gifts. Here are two!

DIY Gold Vases
There's always that hostess on your Christmas list that you give flowers or wine to. So why not spice it up and give them flowers in a homemade vase instead? There's really nothing that brightens up a home like flowers. We actually didn't have a single regular vase before this project, so I'll definitely be gifting a couple of these to myself. :)

Here's what you need!
- Plain glass vases ($2.99 at Michaels)
- Gold spray paint
- Painters tape

Step 1: Apply painter's tape to the vases in your desired pattern. Make sure to smooth out the edges so none of the spray paint can sneak through.
Step 2: Spray! We chose gold but these would also look really cool in silver or red for the holidays.
Step 3: Let dry and remove tape.
Step 4: Add some fun flowers! We added some faux pussy willows to the taller vase and some pretty pink ones to the smaller ones.
^perfect welcoming touch for holiday guests!

DIY Polka Dot Christmas Tree Dishes
These make for a really cheery & festive Christmas gift (without being over the top) and can serve so many purposes. So far, josh and I have used one as a nut dish, ring holder, dish by the stove, and for soap. I love how cute they turned out! Plus they are a constant reminder that December is going to fly by and we need to be doing things like listening to Christmas music, hanging lights and getting our real tree!

Here's what you need:
- Ceramic bowls in a seasonal shape ($1.29 at Michaels)
- Gold spray paint
- Painters tape
- Pack of sticky floor protectors

Step 1: Add painters tape around the sides of the dishes. Remember that wherever you put the tape is the only part that will stay white!

Step 2: Add floor protectors to bowls in desired polka dot pattern. We chose these instead of regular stickers because they are much easier to peel off.
Step 3: Spray!!!!
Step 4: Peel off tape and remove floor protectors.
Step 5: Give as a gift or use around your home!

^ Mac was very interested in this one ;)