Friday, November 15, 2013

DIY Photo Frame Gallery

 The little room under our apartment building's stairs was one of two ??? areas in our apartment when I moved in (the other was the sitting area). The room was tiny, cold and dark BUT had a massive amount of storage in the build-in cabinets, so I just assumed it would become and area full of stuff and I wouldn't spend much time in there. However, after josh set up his desk and computer and we moved and old striped rug and green couch in there, my design eye started seeing the potential in the little room. And, after some time browsing tiny office decor ideas on Pinterest, the idea for the photo wall came about. I already had a lot of photographs and treasures that I had collected over the past few years- and they really deserved to be displayed instead of sitting in my nightstand drawer. So after about a month of planning and logistics, the photo frame wall has finally come together! And we love it. Is it weird that my two favorite areas in our apartment now are the two that I thought were the most pointless when I moved in?
^ Inspiration 
Here's what you need:
  1. A color scheme: A wall gallery can make the room look cluttered by nature, which is OK. But at least nail down a basic color scheme first so it doesn't look like a mess. :) We went with black, white & green, which the rug & couch basically decided for us.
  2. Frames: I based the gallery off of 3 of these white shadowbox frames I got at Wayfair, but also used a few I already had and a few I found at HomeGoods.
  3. Art: You'd be surprised with how much you already have that would be fun to display. And if you don't have anything, Etsy will.
  4. Tools: tape measure, hammer, magic eraser, & thin nails
The really time consuming part of this project is finding the right sized frames to fit the right sized photos and then deciding on your layout. The display requires laying all of the photos down the way you want them on your floor and then measuring the wall to make sure your height and width will work. It was especially tricky for us because of the office's slanted ceilings. But after you've done that, the hanging part is easy! We thought for a long time about the best method to start hanging (josh even Googled it) but in the end our impatience kicked in and we decided to just start with the top piece as the reference point and then eye it out from there. And about 10 minutes and only two misplaced nail holes later, we were done! And at last, the office (or man cave, depending on who you ask) is complete.
^ make sure to have a magic eraser for all those inevitable wall marks you are going to make :)
^Step 1
^Step 2
^ Complete! With room to even expand on the left.
Art Sources:
1. Wooden sign with Dr. Suess quote, handmade on Etsy
2. Map of New England from the 1800s, not sure where I got this
3. "I love you more than cheese" postcard, questionable in josh and my relationship :)
4. "Keep Calm and Snuggle a Puggle," saw on Pinterest and printed at CVS
5. Black & white photograph of old shutters, taken my freshman year at UVM
6. Cardboard reindeer head, had this for a while just had to figure out how to put it together
7. Map of Boston inside a heart, printed this for my wall after the Boston marathon bombings. Boston strong!
8. Abstract lights at night, cut out of a college poster
9. "I'm so glad we both showed up here," found on Etsy
10. Handmade VT and MA wooden plaques, bought last summer at the Burlington farmer's market
11. Sunflower field photograph, bought in Amsterdam
12. Vintage golf clubs photograph, printed as a gift for josh
Art Sources:
1. Canvas VT license plate, bought at a shop in Stowe, VT
2. Picture of the prince of Bandar, my crazy family cat
3. Faux taxidermy elephant, bought in this amazing Etsy store
4. Photo of "Green Monster Seats" wall at Fenway Park, had this forever
5. Vintage postcard of the view of NY from Lake Champlain, acquired at some point during my time in VT

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  1. i think a wall is not completed without some frames hanging over it. and you have put up them so elegantly. keep us updated with more