Wednesday, November 27, 2013

DIY Colorblock Thank You Notes

Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks. This year I'm thankful for little things like apple pie with vanilla ice cream, the medium-size things like my new home and my amazing new roomie, and for the big things like a job, family & friends I love.

So, in honor of thankfulness and the holidays right around the corner, I decided to have some fun with thank you notes. Because nothing says "thank you" like a thoughtful note, especially a handmade one.

Here's what you need!
- Blank, solid-color cards (I chose pink)
- Painter's tape
- Spray paint (I chose metallic gold)
- Craft paint (multiple colors)
Step 1: Choose blank cards in a bold color you love. I'm not a huge pink person, but I thought the pink would look pretty against the gold spray paint.
Step 2: Apply painters tape to the cards in designs you like, remembering the spray paint will cover where the tape is NOT.
Step 3: Spray! Go crazy!
Step 4: Let dry and peel off tape very slowly, as to not rip the cards.
Step 5: Paint! I outlined all of the spray painted areas with a fun, bold paint color and then outlined the paint with a black Sharpi.
Step 6: Send! Whether it's for a holiday gift or just to someone your thankful for.
Super easy & fun. Hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving, eat lots!

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