Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Succulent Love

I can honestly say that succulents are my favorite plants. I just love their unique shapes, thick leaves, and how their purple & green hues blend together. And most of all, I love that I can't kill them. They are super easy to take care of and can survive well beyond a bouquet of flowers.

Here are two easy (and creative) ways to add these ornamental plants to your home:

1. DIY Mason Jar Wall Planters
These planters can make great accents to any doorway or nook inside or outside your home or in this case, our fireplace. The good news about the project is that you probably have most of the supplies already lying around your home or garage. The bad news is that you have to choose what you want to put in them! We had already narrowed our search down to the succulents section at Mohoney's in Brighton, but even then we browsed through every baby succulent for about an hour before we decided on the perfect chosen ones. I can walk into any clothing store and narrow in on exactly what I like in minutes, but man plants are tough! I was in love with every unique little succulent in there - and I love what we ended up with.

Materials needed for this project are below, and for the full step-by-step building tutorial, see this post from Rental Revival.

What you'll need:
  • mason jars of any size
  • plants and potting soil (we chose a few baby succulents)
  • any wooden plank(s) of some sort
  • short screws to mount the jars
  • long screws to mount the planter as a whole (we opted to just mount from the back instead)
  • power drill
  • stainless steal adjustable pipe clamps (1 per jar)
  • decorative paint or spray paint (optional)
Total cost for the project: ~$20

^ Great tutorial from Rental Revival
2. Decorative Succulent Box
This project came about when we needed that special something to go on top of our new bar (aside from alcohol). It also came about after I simply could not only choose the 4 little succulents from the store needed for the mason jar project above - I became attached to so many of them. So yes, this means that I proudly walked out of Mahoney's with about $30 worth of hand-picked succulents. I was smiling ear to ear. Josh was rolling his eyes.

What you'll need:
  • potting soil
  • planter box (we chose a distressed grey wooden one to match the bar)
  • plastic bag (to go inside the planter if it's not already sealed, you can also use the bottom of a milk jug)
  • plants (we chosen succulents, obvs)
Total cost for the project: ~$25 (depending on planter quality)
^ Inspiration from Pinterest 

So easy and fun! Now I just hope they stay alive...

Possible future project? DIY herb planters for the kitchen!


  1. Thanks so much for linking to my project! Yours turned out great. I hope you're more of a green thumb than I am... :)

    -Megan from Rental Revival

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