Thursday, September 19, 2013

Life Lately: Happy 25!

A couple weekends ago we celebrated josh's 25th birthday here in Boston. Happy birthday josh! Not only was it his birthday, but it was really the first weekend we were completely moved into our apartment and got our first little taste of what it was like living here together. While we did tons of crazy activities over the course of the weekend, including a mini speedboat ride through Boston Harbor, a big Saturday night birthday party, and the oddball comedy festival, the best part of the weekend was really the little things. Like waking up early on Saturday and taking Mac for a walk in the Boston garden (in our pajamas!), acting like it was our backyard. Or being able to walk right across the footbridge to the Esplanade with a sheet & picnic. Or Andrea using all our party leftovers to making an amazing breakfast using nothing but our single pan (we really need cookware). Or Monday when we both skipped work and just wandered around exploring back bay to get josh familiar with our neighborhood, stopping for a long lunch at the Paramount (double yum). Or seeing josh's face during that wandering as he realized how sweet where we live is and how close we are to EVERYthing. All in all, it was an awesome weekend spent together and with friends. Birthdays are the best!

Here are some of my favorite shots from the weekend:
^enjoying the last bits of summer in the beautiful public garden. Still can't believe this is our backyard! Those willows really never get old...
^ One of the only times I've seen josh carry coffee (he hates it but I didn't have any hands). This photo kills me. Look how confused he looks!
^PJs & coffee
^ You missed a couple bites that I might be interested in?
^Picnic on the Esplanade!
^The Charles looking radiant
^That chip was goooooood
^boys are weird
^Boston by water! Was perfect for josh as he loves boats (and speed) and also doesn't know boston that well, so it was a great way to see the city by water. We went with four other friends and they really give you free reign to go as fast/slow as you please, but the guide is also talking into a walkie-talkie with fun boston sights and facts throughout the whole 2 hour ride. Plus josh had never even been out on the ocean (he's a lake boy) so he really loved this. Absolutely one of the best tours in Boston, I'd highly recommend it!
^birthday party set up
^strung out memories, courtesy of these cute string lights and my beloved Fujifilm Instax camera that I've been capturing polaroids on for a couple of years now
^best friends! (and randos)
^Sowa Market cookies
^pickle monster
^oddball comedy festival. It was freezing and we spent more on food than the tickets, but Chappelle was so so so funny!