Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mint Love

My love for mint started with this bicycle I bought from Wayfair this summer. The color reminds me of everything I love about the retro style of the 80's while also being a soothing, ocean-like hue. When I ride it I feel like I should be wearing Jelly's and riding down a California boardwalk, even though I'm actually just in Brighton dodging cars on the way to the grocery store. The fact that I have been seeing mint everywhere from articles on House Beautiful to Wayfair doesn't help my obsession. Mint is making a comeback, and I'm totally on board.

After doing some major Pinterest browsing for inspiration, I decided to make it the accent color in josh and my new bedroom. We purposely left all the major items neutral (sheets, bed, nightstands etc.) so that we could add a fun color, and MINT it is! Here are some of the photos I've been envying lately.

A major Mintroduction (too much?) to the room was my old white dresser, which my mom and I repainted recently in a fun minty shade. We started with a quick trip to Dawson's in my hometown to buy some paint and went with a colorway called "Soft Cuddle." I had brought the below photo along for inspiration, and the color seemed like a pretty good match. Plus, who wouldn't want soft cuddles in the bedroom?

We started by sanding the entire dresser and drawers down to create a rough surface for the new paint. Turns out my mom is an expert sander, which worked out great because I had no idea what I was doing!
^ We did the sanding outside as not to miss any prime tanning time. Multitasking, right?

After sanding, we took off the hideous flower-shaped plastic knobs that I picked out from PB Teen when I was about 12 years old. What was I thinking?!

Next, we moved the project to the garage and applied one coat of paint to the drawers and dresser with foam brushes. The color was still pretty light after only one coat of paint, but it was starting to come together!

Over the course of a few more hours and 3 more coats of paint, the mint color was really starting to pop. Once the paint was dry, we added some vintage glass knobs that I found on sale at Anthropologie. I love how it came out! The coolest part is that I've had this dresser in my room through two different childhood homes and now it is coming with me (with a much more stylish coat of paint) to the city.

Here it is in our new space. When the bedroom is complete, I'll post more photos of this cute little corner. The DIY photo frames Josh and I made (previous post) are going to be hanging above the dresser and this cute chevron rug from Urban will be on the floor. I think it may just become my favorite part of the room.

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