Friday, August 30, 2013

Life Lately: Wedding Festivities

Emily, one of my very best childhood friends, is getting married this year. ^ How cute and happy does she look here?!

Anyway, this past weekend all of Emily's family, friends, and bridal party gathered on the northshore of MA to celebrate Emily and her fiance John. It was such a special weekend, and made me realize how amazing weddings really are. Other than marrying the person you love, in the months leading up to the wedding, you are are celebrated and surrounded by all of your favorite people in the world. What could be better than having everyone you love in the same room, getting to know each other and partying?  I've known Emily for 22 years but after going to different schools along the way, it was cool meeting people from a whole half of her life that I wasn't a part of. Meeting John's family and the rest of the bridal party made me EVEN MORE excited for the big day in December.

We love you, Em!

Here are some shots from the weekend.
^ The "sisterhood" and our mommies. Friends since the womb, literally
^ Emily, totally embarrassed about getting a candy thong at her bridal shower :)
^ My littler version. sisters
^ a very handsome josh and I
^The raddest bridal party in town #jemwed
^prettiest flower arrangements, as designed by my sister

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mint Love

My love for mint started with this bicycle I bought from Wayfair this summer. The color reminds me of everything I love about the retro style of the 80's while also being a soothing, ocean-like hue. When I ride it I feel like I should be wearing Jelly's and riding down a California boardwalk, even though I'm actually just in Brighton dodging cars on the way to the grocery store. The fact that I have been seeing mint everywhere from articles on House Beautiful to Wayfair doesn't help my obsession. Mint is making a comeback, and I'm totally on board.

After doing some major Pinterest browsing for inspiration, I decided to make it the accent color in josh and my new bedroom. We purposely left all the major items neutral (sheets, bed, nightstands etc.) so that we could add a fun color, and MINT it is! Here are some of the photos I've been envying lately.

A major Mintroduction (too much?) to the room was my old white dresser, which my mom and I repainted recently in a fun minty shade. We started with a quick trip to Dawson's in my hometown to buy some paint and went with a colorway called "Soft Cuddle." I had brought the below photo along for inspiration, and the color seemed like a pretty good match. Plus, who wouldn't want soft cuddles in the bedroom?

We started by sanding the entire dresser and drawers down to create a rough surface for the new paint. Turns out my mom is an expert sander, which worked out great because I had no idea what I was doing!
^ We did the sanding outside as not to miss any prime tanning time. Multitasking, right?

After sanding, we took off the hideous flower-shaped plastic knobs that I picked out from PB Teen when I was about 12 years old. What was I thinking?!

Next, we moved the project to the garage and applied one coat of paint to the drawers and dresser with foam brushes. The color was still pretty light after only one coat of paint, but it was starting to come together!

Over the course of a few more hours and 3 more coats of paint, the mint color was really starting to pop. Once the paint was dry, we added some vintage glass knobs that I found on sale at Anthropologie. I love how it came out! The coolest part is that I've had this dresser in my room through two different childhood homes and now it is coming with me (with a much more stylish coat of paint) to the city.

Here it is in our new space. When the bedroom is complete, I'll post more photos of this cute little corner. The DIY photo frames Josh and I made (previous post) are going to be hanging above the dresser and this cute chevron rug from Urban will be on the floor. I think it may just become my favorite part of the room.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

What I’m Listening To

Here's what I've been jamming to lately.

1. Avicii - Wake Me Up
Although the official (and josh's) song of summer is probably Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" or Daft Punk's "Get Lucky," this is mine. I've always been a big Avicii fan, but I think this song appeals to even those that aren't huge house/EDM fans because of its more folk-like vocals from soul singer Aloe Blacc. Ever since my sister introduced me to it in early June, I've been hooked. If only it were released a couple of years ago (when I saw the fairly unknown Swedish DJ for $15 at ocean club!) and I could dance to it live without being in a sold out stadium.

2. Jukebox the Ghost - Everybody Knows
I've been really into this Brooklyn-based band lately, especially this song. When you're in the car for hours most Friday's of the summer (like me), you need a few good feel-good songs that you can blast with all the windows down. This is one of those. While you're listening, check out the their hit "Somebody" -  the music video is just as fun as the song!

3. Emeli Sande - Next To Me
Fun fact about Emeli: her real name is Adele but she went with her middle name as her stage name! (I wonder why?)  I started listening to Emeli's music about a year ago after I saw her perform on the X Factor because she has the coolest, most beautiful voice. This song is no different. And I love this song's message of that even when "the skies are gray and all the doors are closing" or "when the end has come and buildings are falling down fast" or "the pressure rises and makes it hard to breathe," the right guy will be right by your side.

4. Zac Brown Band - Jump Right In
I love that I can be sitting in my office on a rainy day and listen to this and immediately feel like I am on a tropical island with a cool drink in hand. And with lyrics that pretty much sum up anyone's ideal summer, I've made this another one of my unofficial anthems of summer 2013. "You can find me where the music meets the ocean..."

5. Dante - Won't Go
Has anyone heard Adele's song "He Won't Go"? It's that really awesome song by Adele that no one really knows about. So when Dante took her chorus and used it in an even more awesome song, it was a match made in heaven. My roommate Claire introduced me to this song a few months ago and I'm still not sick of it!

 photo 5a790dc3f0455cc847bcdeda219ead451_zps30d458a9.jpg

Friday, August 9, 2013

3 Little Things

Are You At A Hipster Wedding?
I can’t believe I’m at the point in my life where I’m thinking about weddings (!), but with two of my best friends getting married within the year and my sister interning with a wedding planner this summer, I’ve found myself in full wedding mode 90% of the time. And when sometimes I feel like the weddings I’ve see on blogs and Pinterest recently look more like organized antique shows than ceremonies, I couldn’t help but laugh at this Infographic from Refinery 29. If you’re friends decide to get hitched and are more mason jars than people – take a step back - you MAY be at a hipster wedding…

 photo hipster_zpse5b84123.jpg
Why Americans Need Social Media Vacations
According to a study covered on Mashable recently Despite their desire for a break, most social networkers are afraid of what would happen if they were to step away for a while. Nearly 60% of those surveyed experience anxiety as a result of missing an important event or status update if they don't monitor their social networks, and more than half report a fear of missing out.” I am definitely part of that 60%. Especially working in the PR & social media field, there is rarely a day (or hour) that I am not posting to or checking in on my own or my brands’ social channels. I know it’s ironic that I am saying this while blogging, but I definitely agree that we should take a step back from social media and our phones in general sometimes and live in the moment. Josh & I were actually recently at a Lumineers concert in Montreal and when the band opened with “Hey Ho,” there wasn’t a single person in the audience that wasn’t recording it on their phone (me included). When the song was over and everyone had watched the entire song through their phone rather than enjoy the awesome fact that they were at a Lumineers concert, the band actually asked everyone to put away their phones for the rest of the night and LIVE. I thought that was cool. If I can help it, my next vacation will definitely be a social media vacation.
 photo log_zps2670b838.jpg
3 Things I’m Eyeing on Wayfair
When you’re on Wayfair all day, every day (and also moving) it’s hard to not start accumulating a giant Favorites folder of things you love. This week, I’ve been seriously considering these couture petal curtains for the large window in our new bedroom. I thought that they may be too girly for josh but when I showed them to him, he actually liked them!  I also have been obsessing over this teal apothecary chest. It’s a real statement piece that you can’t really buy until you’ve nailed down the theme of each room in your home, but I’m hoping to find a place for it somewhere – it makes me smile. Lastly, I’ve been eyeing this urbanscape planter for a while now. I really want to grow herbs in our outdoor space and josh really wants to grow tomatoes, so this planter would be a perfect compromise while maximizing space on our little city garden patio. It is a bit pricey and josh thinks he can build something similar, so I’ll we’ll see about this one but I think it’s an awesome (and stylish) option for anyone with minimal growing space.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Room Envy: Our Prairie Home

As many of you know, I'm obsessed with the color turquoise. Teal, aqua seafoam, any of those bluey-greeney colors...I'm probably going to love it. So naturally when I found the blog House of Turquoise a year or so ago, I was pumped that there was a place I could get my daily dose of to-die-for turquoise house & room tours. Don't go near her Pinterest boards unless you have a couple of hours to spare.'ve been warned!

One recent room posted on House of Turquoise in particular made me super jelly not only because of the perfect wall color, but because the whole redesign was done under $50! The room belongs to Laura of the blog Our Prairie Home, who lives in a 1905 Victorian Home in Iowa. If you look at the before & after pictures (below), it's hard to believe how little she spent on the shabby-chic makeover for her daughter's bedroom - but totally goes to show that with a little DIY and thrifting, you don't have to spend a lot to create a beautiful space. Especially with our move coming up (our bedroom is basically a blank canvas), I left feeling super inspired. Check out Laura's blog post to read all about the space and see more pictures. She's made a follower out of me!



 photo DSCN9233_zpsad44f473.jpg
 photo DSCN9272_zps902eb699.jpg  photo DSCN9262_zpsc771366d.jpg  photo DSCN9254_zps58c51214.jpg  photo DSCN9300_zps4d6114e3.jpg  photo DSCN9326_zps7709ceaa.jpg  photo DSCN9320_zpsb2626825.jpg